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Tiến sĩ Đào Thị Bích Diệp

Position Giảng viên
Org Unit Khoa Hóa Học
Floor/Room Nhà A4 - Trường Đại học Sư phạm Hà Nội
Email dbdao24@gmail.com
Language Tiếng Anh (Toefl IBT 99),
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Biography / Background


    Employment History

    • 2014-nay, Giảng viên, ĐHSP Hà Nội, Khoa Hoá học
    • 2009-2014, Tiến sĩ, ĐH Washington, St.Louis, Mỹ

    Science Awards


    • 2009-2014, Cử nhân khoa học , Đại học SP Hà Nội , Advisor: Trần Vĩnh Quý, Level: Bachelor/Engineer, Type: Regular
    • 2009-2014, Tiến sĩ khoa học , Đại học Washington, St. Louis, Mỹ, Advisor: Richard Mabbs , Level: Doctor, Type: Regular


      Publications / Books

      • 2015, Thomas­C. Jagau, Diep B. Dao, Nicholas S. Holtgrewe, Anna I. Krylov, and Richard Mabbs, Same but Different: Dipole­Stabilized Shape Resonances in CuF− and 2 AgF −, The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 6 (14), 2786–2793
      • 2014, Diep Bich Dao and Richard Mabbs, The effect of the dipole bound state on AgF− vibrationally resolved photodetachment cross sections and photoelectron angular distributions, The Journal of Chemical Physics, 141, 141, 154304
      • 2014, Foster Mabaiwa, Nicholas Holtgrewe, Diep Bich Dao, Joshua Lasinski, and Richard Mabbs, Photoelectron Angular Distributions as Probes of Cluster Anion Structure: I−·(H2O)2 and I −·(CH3CN)2, Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 118 (35), 7249–7254
      • 2014, Richard Mabbs, Nicholas Holtgrewe, Diep Bich Dao and Joshua Lasinski, Photodetachment and Photodissociation of the linear CuO2− Molecular Anion: Energy and Time dependence of Cu− Production, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., , 16, 497-504
      • 2012, Foster Mbaiwa, Diep Dao, Nicholas Holtgrewe, Joshua Lasinski, Richard Mabbs, Inter­ channel effects in monosolvated atomic iodide cluster anion detachment: Correlation of the anisotropy parameter with solvent dipole momen, 136(11), Journal of Chemical Physics, 0021­9606
      • 2011, Matthew Van Duzor, Foster Mbaiwa, Joshua Lasinski, Diep Dao, Nicholas Holtgrewe, Richard Mabbs, Near threshold Cl −·CH3I photodetachment: Apparent 2P1/2 channel suppression and enhanced 2P3/2 channel vibrational excitation, The Journal of Chemical Physics, , 0021­9606

      Workshop papers

        Science blogs

        Teaching subjects